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4 Different Types of Limo Cars: A Guide for Your Next Event!

An event without a limousine car can never be worth it enough to enjoy. A luxury limo represents itself as elite, comfortable, and elegant, which can never be found within other cars out there. If you have a chance to arrive at a party with style and swag, then this can be done by only hiring a chauffeur-driven limo service.

There are many different types of limousine fleets for your occasions. To have a glimpse, let’s know what they are and what purpose they can be used for…

1. Executive Sedans and Utility Vehicles

These types of luxury transportation are a more affordable choice and are ideal for corporate travel. Sedans can accommodate up to 2-3 people, and SUVs can accommodate up to 4-6 people. These types of fleets are frequently used for business purposes and can be hired from corporate limo service provider organizations.
SUV varieties

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevy Suburban

models of sedans
  • Cadillac XTS
  • Sedan Mercedes-Benz

Use them to pick up a client from the airport or to treat a client to a deal-closing lunch. Even though they are small in comparison to other limousine alternatives, they still include vanity mirrors, advanced tech systems, and a range of other features that will definitely make you feel like you are getting an all-in-one benefit. You'll make an impact everywhere you go with your black exterior and shiny windows of corporate limo.

2. Traditional Stretch Limousine

The most amazing and with great comfort are stretch limos, which are for certain types of events, for example, prom events, bachelor parties, casino nights, girls' or guys' night out, retail therapy, and sports or concert events. This transportation car is the largest limo that can occupy 10–14 people at once without getting clumsy.
classic stretch limo types

  • Classic Limousine
  • Traditional Hummer Limousine
  • Limousine Mercedes Sprinter

It consists of a large amount of space and also includes cutting-edge amenities like climate control, LCD screens, and high-quality leather seats with an AI tech sound system. If adding more, spring break limo for rent companies also offer other complimentary facilities, which include drinks and snacks, to provide complete comfort in the car.

3. Limousine in Retro Style

In some cases, if you want to take your wedding to the next level of sophistication, this vintage-style limo car is mainly used for wedding purposes. A reputed wedding limo service arranges the best entry in their vintage fleet, like a vintage Rolls Royce, to welcome the bride in complete elite style, which gives a unique expression for the bride to welcome herself at her wedding venue.
limousines in retro style

  • Chrysler 300 Stretch1952 Rolls-Royce Princess
  • 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
  • Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce

4. Exotic Vans and Buses

These luxury vans and buses are the ultimate way to throw a party while traveling in the city all night.
They are certain to be pleasant and roomy, with seating for dozens of people. Party buses sometimes have facilities such as breathable space couches, smoke machines, and drinking zones as they are designed to be used for parties.
A van can occupy up to 8-9 people, while buses or coaches can accommodate up to 25-51 no. of people at once. For girls' nights out or for boys' nights out, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, college parties, and any other event requiring a joyful and energetic ambiance may all benefit from firms that provide limousine fleet service. Instead of going to the bar, carry the bar with you!
Types of vans and buses

  • Executive Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • Ford F550 Limousine Bus
  • Executive Ford F550 Bus
  • Luxury Freightliner Coach

Different Types of Luxury Fleets for Different Occasions!

Many firms have different types of limousine cars in their area and provide their services whenever you need one. Just contact them and get the best classic car limo service for the party that night and make your special day memorable and filled with extreme fun.

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