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NEXT Cadillac Limousine!


NEXT Cadillac Limousine!

Cadillac Limousine


A seriously stretched Cadillac XTS has been snapped during cold-weather testing doing what appeared to be checks of its traction-control, braking and stability systems, according to our spy photographers. With the Lincoln Town Car having left the building, Cadillac probably sees a huge opportunity not only in the livery market, but also in the celebs-and-prom-kids segment.

More than once the spy photogs mentioned the size of this car, and it looks massive even from its best angle. Another option for its use is as a new presidential limo to replace the rolling Imperial Starship that is the current Cadillac One, though while that vehicle does have the body of a Cadillac, its underpinnings come from a medium-duty Chevrolet Kodiak truck.


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