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Ambassador President on WFLA to Discuss State Tax Policy Regarding Federal Unemployment Loan


Ken Lucci, President of Ambassador Limousine, appeared on WFLA radio Tuesday morning to shed some light on a tax that affects businesses throughout Florida. It involves the repayment of the interest on a $2.5 billion state unemployment loan from the federal government for employers with a certain amount of payroll each month.

I received a bill for $600 despite the fact his business has had no layoffs. What’s more, Lucci reached out to a representative in Tallahassee who noted this ‘payback’ will continue into the future and the amount businesses owe could increase at any time.

Lucci shared his frustration of this how policy will deter business owners from hiring new workers or expanding their operations during a brief WFLA segment this morning:

What do you think about this policy? Is it fair? Should the state have given more information to business owners before sending the bill?


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